Help Paws As Loving Support - PALS - Assistance Dogs with each online purchase you make. When you use Goodshop, part of your purchase can be automatically donated to our cause - at no cost to you. Simply " " signup and select our cause to start shopping, raising money, and saving money with deals on everyday purchases, like "" accessories from Urban Outfitters," " soaps from Bath & Body Works, and " " designer clothing from Neiman Marcus.


PALS Recycling Program

Paws As Loving Support Assistance Dogs receives 2 cents per item except Brita/Pur items which are 50 cents a pound.  It all adds up, so tell your friends, family, coworkers, everyone to start collecting.  Any questions contact Cheryl at .  

New!!  GU Brand Gels and Drink Pouches

New!!  GoGo Squeeze

All healthy snack plastic pouches


Mouthwash Bottles, Dental Floss Containers, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste tubes

Brita and Pur

Filters and filter packaging, pitchers, bottles, faucet filtration systems, dispensers

Drink pouches

Includes Capri Sun and Honest Kids (these get sticky so please bag separately)

Energy/Granola  Bar Wrappers:

Clif,  Luna,  Powerbar Balance,  Nature Valley,  Granola

Any foil lined Energy or Granola Bar Wrapper

Personal Care and Beauty Brigade:

lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner, powder & bronzer cases, mascara, eyeshadow, concealer & chapstick tubes, eyeliner & lipliner pencils, concealer sticks, foundation bottles, face lotion jars, bottles & tubes, hand & body lotion bottles, dispensers & tubes, body wash bottles, dispensers & tubes, hair gel tubes, hair paste jars, shampoo bottles & conditioner bottles, bath and face soap dispensers & tubes, Sunscreen bottles and tubes, 

New!!  Deodorant containers

New!!  Soap Packaging

No Eyecare products or prescription bottles please


PLEASE NOTE: We no longer take Chip Bags, Cookie or CANDY Wrappers, Tea Envelopes, Fruit Snacks and Ice Cream Packaging, #6 plastic cups.  These programs have been defunded by the sponsoring companies(Frito Lay, MARS, Solo).  Please don’t make our job harder by including these items.  Thanks!